About RhineGene

RhineGene B.V. has been established in 2022 to act as the hub of the group’s international business, and ever since, it has been supporting its subsidiaries with its financial strength in their effort to penetrate into their respective local markets. It has established 3 subsidiaries; in Poland, Bulgaria, and the Philippines, which have started providing and marketing a high-quality and wide portfolio of Anatolia Geneworks branded products to their local markets. RhineGene Poland, RhineGene Bulgaria, and RhineGene Philippines have established their well-developed infrastructure with training laboratories, warehouses, and offices, and also their core competent teams with a high level of technical expertise and continue to expand their highly qualified workforce.

RhineGene companies believe in the importance of creating long-lasting relations based on trust, thus establishing a team of highly qualified experts having strong technical backgrounds, to support the end users with complete system solutions.

The efficient network and synergy created between the subsidiaries and the parent company create an overall reliable and sustainable support advantage.
RhineGene aims to establish new companies in various locations to reinforce its global presence.

High-Quality Healthcare

Unique product portfolio, including more than 350 Real-Time PCR kits, covers a wide range of applications for detection, quantitation, and genotyping of pathogens, identification, and screening of genetic disorders as well as food safety parameters.

RhineGene provides turnkey solutions with instruments including automated nucleic acid extraction robots and Real-Time PCR detection systems with absolute dedication to performance and quality.


Miglena Antonova

Country Manager

Simeon Donev

Technical Service Engineer

Dimitar Ganchev

Application Specialist